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Ad-Campaign for New Jewellery Collection is a Vivid and Vivacious Delight

The SS15 Collection by fashion designer Rasa Juškevičienė of Rasa Accessories, is replete with unique and flowing pieces all resplendent in glorious colours. It seemed only fitting that the ad campaign was equally vibrant and explosive. That’s why she enlisted the considerable talents of fashion-photographer Aleksandra Kingo.

“The jewellery collection is inspired by women in art, and my aim was to reflect that in the ad campaign,” explains Aleksandra. “Bold colours, spontaneity and self-expression were the key points that needed to be featured. Rasa trusted me with creative freedom, which allowed me fully express my visual aesthetic.”
The block colours employed are a distinctive feature of Aleksandra’s photography and they compliment the designs perfectly, giving the whole campaign an artistic flourish but at the same time a real sense of fun.

Aleksandra had some more to say on the project:

The Plus: You chose a broad range of colours in this series, why is that?
Aleksandra Kingo:
I am in love with all things RGB and bright, and I think this brilliantly complemented and enhanced the colour pops in Rasa’s jewellery.

TP: Is there one shot of this series you are most proud of?
I think the last one with the hand painted green and red and blue backgrounds. It was pretty hard to achieve a straight paint line at the edge of colours! But I am also in love with the portrait shots, as I think the model Ewa is stunning. Watch out for her, she is already walking Miu Miu at the age of fifteen, so I feel she is a next big thing!

TP: Do you wear a lot of accessories yourself?
Not a lot at all. I always have my little pearls in the ears, but I love an occassional statement piece from time to time. My latest favourite is this one from cos, such a graphic delight.

TP: What are you working on at the moment?
Plenty of things!
Something fun for a TV channel, a few editorials and a fashion film. Cool things to come!