A Dog’s Life

Forthcoming Book Tells the Moving Personal Stories of Shelter Dogs

Providence-based photographer Traer Scott loves dogs. For nearly a decade she’s been telling the stories of our canine companions in a series of striking images. Released later in the year, her latest book Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories will be the fourth volume she has produced on man’s best friend. The Plus was lucky enough to get a first glance at some of the images from the new book.

Gypsy from Finding Home
Bandit from Finding Home
Callie from Finding Home
“I began volunteering at a shelter in 2005,” says Traer. “My primary function was to photograph the dogs that came in for internet adoption sites. As my files grew, I realised how many dogs had never made it out. That is what drove me to create my first Shelter Dogs book. Now, almost ten years later, it seems apt to do a companion book with a new generation of dogs and a much more in-depth approach.”

The book will chronicle the highs and lows that abandoned dogs go through, taking the reader on a deeply personal journey with each featured character. This is all centred on Traer’s portraits, which stir the soul and give the impression that each dog is in fact telling their own story in their pleading eyes.

Dutch from Finding Home
Roman from Finding Home
Gabriel from Finding Home
We caught up with Traer to talk all things canine:

The Plus: What is it about dogs that makes them “man’s best friend”?
Traer Scott:
Unlike most other species who may tolerate us, dogs really want to be with us. They crave our company and praise. I think we love them because we can be ourselves around them and still feel accepted, plus it’s an ego boost to be around someone who is always happy to see you.

Below are some images from Traer’s previous book, Shelter Dogs:

TP: Can you think of one of the most heart-warming tales you’ve come across?
Bingley, who is in Finding Home was seized during a drug bust at which time he became deaf due to auditory trauma from gunshots. He spent many months in the shelter and had to re-learn how to function but due to the dedication of the volunteers, he became pretty well adjusted and got adopted into a wonderful, loving home.

TP: If you were a dog, which breed would you be?
Definitely a border collie. They’re extremely productive, high-strung and completely OCD.

TP: Would photographing cats be sacrilege for you?!
I am extremely allergic to cats. I can’t touch them or even be a room where they are so photographing them in an intimate way is not really an option for me!

Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories will be released on 6 October 2015, and is available for pre-order now.