Unveiling a New Invention

Kickstarter Project to Create Weatherproof, High-Tech Hijab Gets the Go-Ahead Last year, Ahmed Ghanem set up Veil on his own, with the intention of injecting a bit of technology into the traditional hijab. “Hijab is a very misunderstood concept in today’s society. Most people think it’s oppressive. However, if you went around and asked the women who wear it how they actually feel about it, they’ll probably all tell you it’s part of them and what they stand for,” explained Ahmed. Veil is designed to be a rainproof hijab, which also keeps the wearer cool. The project recently smashed through its Kickstarter goal, raising close to $40,000, with an original goal of just $5000. “I want my brand to inspire and encourage women who wear the hijab to go out and break barriers,

whether it’s becoming more active or making a difference in the world. Their strength and perseverance is what drives the passion at Veil,” enthused Ahmed. hijab We spoke to this budding entrepreneur to find out more about the project: The Plus: Why do you think hijab wearers have been so neglected as a market up to now? Ahmed Ghanem: That’s a question I wish I knew the answer to, but I’m not sure. Some

companies have tried to jump in the market already but it seems as if they had trouble promoting what they had and sort of disappeared. I’m fully committed to Veil’s mission, so failure really isn’t an option at this point. It’s time for change. hijab1 hijab3 TP: What are your long term ambitions for Veil? AG: To continue to innovate, revolutionize, and change the way people see the hijab. To motivate and inspire women all over the world to follow their dreams and goals no matter how big they are. hijab4 TP: Any other innovations you’ve got up your sleeve? AG: Probably one too many. It’s a secret for now, but they are pretty big! hijab5