A Coffee Story

How Getting a Cup Inspired a Concept Coffee Store

We are still enchanted by Nikita Gill’s previous series Dreamscapes and Spirit Animals but with Coffee Story she stepped up to a completely different challenge. It’s a concept coffee shop, which Nikita has designed the branding for.

Nikita explained the inspiration: “I started this project when I was out shopping and saw a big brand coffee shop. I went in to get my coffee and thought, wouldn’t it be so nice if the coffee shop suited the street it was on. For instance, a coffee shop near a street like this with bookstores and antique shops should represent both somehow.”

That’s why Nikita dreamed up a whimsical coffee house that would reflect the character of the other businesses of the area she was shopping on that day. In designing the branding, she went for a minimalistic look, but at the same time creating design aesthetics that were not bland, but interesting and exciting.

We spoke to Nikita about more of her daydreams:

The Plus: Would you like to open a coffee shop?
Nikita Gill:
I would love to. I think coffee shops are places where some fantastic energy circulates. Business meetings, personal encounters, make ups, break ups, first dates…Coffee shops have amazing stories inside them. I would call it the Purple Coffee House, because I think purple is such a fun and happy colour.

TP: Where would you like to open that coffee shop?
I work part-time at a disabled college for young adults, and I’d love for there to be a coffee shop that was walking distance from the college I work at, where the young people I work with can relax away from college work for a while.

TP: What is the most important thing to make a coffee shop really good?
Fantastic coffee, a kind owner, some great food and a generally jovial atmosphere.

TP: What is your favourite place to get coffee at the moment?
Harris and Hoole are amazing. They have great coffee, talented and wonderful staff, generous with their servings of food and have the most awesome typography I have ever seen for a coffee shop.