Video Message in a Bottle

Stunning New Film Captures the Awe-Inspiring Beauty of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a relatively small island nation nestled in the shadow of the Indian subcontinent. But as director Pabz Alexander of Electric Lime Productions found, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in breathtaking beauty. Their new film South ° Sri Lanka chronicles 30 days exploring the island’s luscious landscapes and unforgettable people.

“We met many fantastic characters along the way,” recalls Pabz. “Like Bandu who was responsible for opening and closing the gates at the train track to Lenora, who sold us vibrant orange young coconuts every morning before was started shooting.”

The film is resplendent with unspoiled vistas, golden-sanded beaches and all the vibrancy and colour of bustling food markets. Watching it, it’s hard not to feel strangely moved and that’s thanks in large part to the music, which Pabz also handled.

“All the sounds and music were designed in line with the edit, with an aim to create pace, and give the impression to the viewer that they are in a journey with the film,” explains Pabz. “We also tuned to a pitch of 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz, to induce an inward experience that is felt inside the body at the spine and heart.”

We spoke to Pabz about this incredible journey:

The Plus: How did the film come about, was it in relation to a specific brief/client?
Pabz Alexander:
The team spent a month in Sri Lanka shooting a TVC for a Boutique hotel called ‘Lantern’ in Mirissa. We had so much great extra footage, I decided to create a dramatic, colourful and emotional edit, from my perspective.

TP: What was the most memorable moment from the trip?
I think heading up the national park was pretty amazing. Being so close to the animals in their natural wild habitat was a bit special. They were fantastic on camera, not shy at all.

TP: Were there any scary moments?
We had a few challenges with the drone. Not only was it quite unreliable when flying, it also ran us into trouble with the authorities, however after a chat over a tea, they allowed us to continue. Sadly the drone actually lost signal out at sea, it tried to return, however ended up in the sea. So it retired in Sri Lanka!

TP: Do you travel a lot?
One fantastic thing about film production is that it allows you to travel all over the world. Recently we have been to Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and at the moment we are in Barcelona. After we return to the office in Dubai we are back out again to New Orleans for a project for Tales of the Cocktail with Bacardi.

TP: What’s on the horizon for you?
We are working very closely with Bacardi on some projects, next month we will be in New Orleans for that and will be popping up to NYC to check the place out. I’m also shooting a short in August in Scotland, alongside a talented script-writer, Bob Winton.