Graffiti in Motion

Street Art Designs Brought to Life in Animated GIFs

Who doesn’t appreciate some inspiring street art in the city? Self-taught animator Adrian López Crego certainly does: “I always liked street art, but in a passive way,” he told us. Adrian has been long been studiously viewing photographs of street art, and for the last ten months he’s been giving them a sense of movement by transforming some of his favourites into animated gifs.

But even Adrian was sometimes surprised at the results: “It was so remarkable that adding a little movement to a photo which was always still, enhanced the meaning of the original piece”. He believes the success of his series is down the fact they provide an “unexpected surprise”.

Original photo by David de la Mano and Pablo S. Herrero:
Adrian loves talking about his work, so we were happy to listen:

The Plus: What kind of artist would you describe yourself as?
Adrian López Crego: I was thinking about this recently, and I think the words I like most are “Digital Artisan”. When the Cro-magnon used a rock to create a knife, he was using the latest technology of his era. Today, I feel the same. I use any kind of technology, digital or manual, to achieve my ideas. I feel free in the digital area, because there is so much software and devices to create what I have in mind.

Original photo by Sr. X:
TP: Do you think street artists should be appreciated more?
ALC: Of course. Our brains work mostly subconsciously: all the lights, advertisements and sounds of modern society gets into our minds. In my opinion, street artists fight against this. They work on the streets because that is where the people are. They give us a visual oasis to stop for a moment and watch something different.

Original photos by Key Detail :
TP: Would you be interested in creating street art yourself?
ALC: I used to, but I found that I liked the process of making the piece better than painting it. I choose to take on the “streets of the web”, because I was always linked technology to art. I really like this ying-yang.

Original photos by Key Detail :
TP: What are your plans for the near future?
ALC: We are working on an app about street art. It’ll be about taking the gif format out of the web and seeing street art in motion through our phones.

I am also collaborating with a company called Meural, they have developed a digital canvas to show art. I suggested they used it to show gif art and they were excited by the idea.

Original photo by Key Detail:
Original photo in featured image by Pejac.