The Chair that Looms Large

Designer Gives the Bertoia Side Chair a Plush New Makeover

Clément Brazille is a bright young designer based between Geneva and Paris. Three years ago he had Bertoia Side Chair sitting around. There was something that felt incomplete about it to Clément, despite its iconic design: “I had a Bertoia Side Chair without a cover, so I decided to create a comfortable solution,” Clément explains. That simple idea gave birth to the Bertoia Loom Chair, which is now a full series in various striking colours and designs.

The original Bertoia chair is arguably one of the most recognisable designs by the famed Italian artist and designer Harry Bertoia. 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Harry’s birth, and Clément hopes his reimagining is a fitting homage to mark the anniversary.

We sat down for a quick chat with Clément:

The Plus: The range of colour in your designs is remarkable. Is colour central to your thinking?
Clément Brazille:
The colours are indeed very important in my work. But I think it is the materials that are especially significant. Each chair design uses different fabric and colours. I worked closely with my clients to choose materials that would suit the application.

TP: What different materials have you used?
Liberty plush corduroy, yellow corduroy, linen, cashmere wool in both black and grey…and others soon, I hope.

TP: You’ve designed many different objects, what did you enjoy about working on the Bertoia Loom Chair?
Innovation is good, but improving on an existing design is also valuable. Now when I see a Bertoia side chair, I feel that the works is not finished!

TP: Could you explain the name of the design?
Loom is an alternative to the traditional Bertoia Side Chair, a special option or new way. Loom represents work done by hand. My practice is often split between innovation, new technology and handcraft.

TP: Are you working on any new designs at the moment?
Yes, I never stop except to sleep!