Artist and Residents

Filmmaker Profiles Artist’s Journey as he Produces a Huge Mural for San Francisco’s Mission District

San Francisco-based artist Jason Jägel has a distinctive whimsical style typified by enchanting characters with a childlike sense of joy and wonder. Film-maker Noe Chavez has directed a film, Jason Jagel SF which brilliantly captures not only the artist’s unique style and perspective on art, but also the diversity of San Francisco’s Mission District, where Jason installed a huge mural.

“What I find unique about the Mission District is the authentic feel,” explains Noe. “The residents of this place welcome people with open arms. It’s this small town vibe that I find so special, especially when it’s found within such a large city.”

Besides showcasing Jason’s work and the Mission District in beautifully stylised shots, the film also strikes some poignant notes about the artistic process, with some great insight provided by Jason which will no doubt strike a chord with many creatives.

We got the thoughts of Noe about working with Jason on the film:

The Plus: How did the film come about?
Noe Chavez:
The film came about when Converse contacted me to shoot/edit Jason’s process. The mural is part of Converse’s Blank Canvas campaign, in collaboration with Juxtaposed.


TP: What’s the most memorable moment in the video for you personally?
For me, the most memorable moment is when Jason talks about the places where he finds inspiration. It’s from everyday life that he draws new ideas from.

TP: What’s the one thing you hope people take away from the film?
I hope people gain a greater appreciation for the beauty found within the Mission’s latino community. The goal has been to allow the subtle beauties in Jason’s philosophy to highlight the beautiful culture.

TP: What are you working on now?
I’m currently working on a documentary about the conflict between dogs/skateboards and a music video in the short film form also involving a dog as the main character. Wish me luck!