Glamour and Glitz

Ordinary Women in Extraordinary Midas-Touched Music Video which Challenges Beauty Norms

Like many women, producer and concept artist Kitty Von-Sometime was fed up by the homogenised image of beauty imposed upon women and the constant negative impact it has on their body image. Unlike many, she decided to do something about it. She started the Weird Girls Project, which, taking the format of music videos, aims to challenge beauty ideals by bringing together women of all shapes and sizes, improving their self-esteem through a process of collaboration and artistic creativity. #EmbraceYourself is just the latest episode in the series.

“The mainstream media has its restrictive visions of female beauty and these continue in music videos,” explains Kitty. “But the music video format also offers a space of possibility to express a healthy body image to women who may not otherwise see video art in its traditional places of galleries etc. I wanted the message to be seen by as many as possible.”

The latest video is an explosion of golden glitter, steeped in glamour, but without a model in sight. The performers clad as they are appear as living statues, graceful in their movements.

Kitty was eager to share more about the latest episode in this exciting project.

The Plus: How do you find the volunteers?
Kitty Von-Sometime:
They find me. I have a waiting list. Ever since the 4th episode was out, the online following began. And I started to get contacted by total strangers who wanted to take part. I have never had to try and find people since then. When I film abroad I usually send info to the local press in advance and then see who comes forward.

TP: Can you tell us about the music for the #EmbraceYourself video? How did you choose which track to use?
I was looking for some ‘witch house’ music. Something strong and eerie sounding. So I contacted Lauren Flax who is a friend and DJ producer. She suggested I listen to her band, CREEP’s album and see if anything struck me. I was already working with a concept around gold and darkness and it fitted perfectly. The concept then developed with the sound of the song.

TP: What was the response of the performers when you told them you’d be making them get naked and covering them in gold?
Mostly ‘Are you fucking kidding’ when they saw the paper C-string. But when I showed them a video of the glitter on myself they were very very excited and enthusiastic. There is a behind the scenes minidoc which will be coming out in the next weeks where you will be able to see this.

TP: Any funny anecdotes from the shoot?
Just that all the women forgot that they were naked. It was so intense to see these golden figures just chatting and laughing and eating and playing just as if we were all fully clothed. The most comedy moment is that many women found glitter in all sorts of places for weeks after – and still are. In ears, in clothes, in their apartments. I will not be working with glitter again for a while I have to say.

TP: Can you reveal anything about the next ‘Episode’?
Oh no never! That’s the whole point!