Capturing Celestial Majesty

The Breathtaking Beauty of Finnish-Fine Art Photographer’s Latest Series

Mikko Lagerstedt
’s latest series Visions of Depth is an absolute tour de force of photographic technique. Each piece is tinged with a very human sense of alienation and fragility whilst at the same time encapsulating the awesome power of the natural world. “I want my pictures to look like they were taken from a place we can rarely witness in the modern World,” explains Mikko. “A place that conveys feeling of loneliness and beauty.”

Rooted in expansive terrestrial landscapes, the series also looks to the stars, bridging a gap between the celestial vistas above and the divine Earth below. Although people occasionally make a cameo, they are always rendered insignificant by the gravitas of their surroundings, reminding us that humans are but a grain of sand on the galactic beach.

We simply had to hear more about it from Mikko:

The Plus: Can you explain the title of the series, Visions of Depth?
Mikko Lagerstedt:
I went through my photographs from the past year and realised that all of my favourite pictures included two elements that are water and stars. I felt that the photographs showed depth from our planet all the way to the stars in our Galaxy.

TP: How do you go about finding the locations you use in your images?
I use Google Maps for location scouting. However, some of the places I have found by accident and some of the places where hints from other people.

TP: What’s the most breathtaking natural scene you’ve ever come across?
The Northern Lights are definitely natural events that leave you speechless every time.

TP: Is there one place or moment in time you wish you could capture, but can’t?
I would love to capture places before modern civilization.

TP: Do you imagine a narrative behind your images or would you rather people attach their own?
Mostly I leave it to the viewer. Sometimes I do have a certain feeling I want to convey, but I realise sometimes it’s the opposite people tend to see.

TP: Where do you go from here…Outerspace?
Haha, well I try to learn something different every day, both in photography and life in general. I’m not sure where I’ll be in one year, but I believe photography will be part of it.