The Weird and Wonderful World of Ganjaman

Swedish Musician’s New Music Video takes you on a Surreal Trip

It all starts innocently enough. A family huddled together on the couch, enjoy their favourite snacks whilst watching a nature documentary. But then AlfonsGanjaman blares out of the TV, sung by a melted blob. It all descends into chaos from there. The Norwegian musician’s single Ganjaman was a big hit in Scandanavia, reaching the top 10 in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

It was only the idea of ‘listening to ganjaman will make you go crazy’ that I wanted to show the world.

It seemed only fitting that the song should get an official video, and one as pulsating, bewildering and downright silly as this one. Alfons describes his music as “A drunk guy on crack who tries to imitate Bob Marley,” and the video’s highly talented directed Caspar Balslev has captured that essence pretty well.

We spoke to Alfons about the new video:

The Plus: How did you pick the director for the video?
I saw Caspar’s work and I liked it immediately. I really admired his sense of thinking and his visual style. So I asked my label to hook us up.

TP: Did you have any input on the narrative of the video?
Yes, actually I did. I wanted to meet Caspar in person before I decided myself. When we met we came up with the script together, so it was a collaborative process.


TP: What’s your favourite scene from the video?
Right before the first drop. Before it all begins.

TP: Have you ever had an experience as surreal as Ganjaman in real life?
Yes, a couple. I do not really know how explain them here though. But it sometimes feels like the last 3 or 4 years has been pretty surreal, especially the last 4 months, when I have been touring after the success of Ganjaman. Having thousands of people singing Ganjaman is one of those weird experiences.

TP: What else are you working on at the minute?
Right now I am touring quite a lot. But when I am home I try to be with my friends and family as much as I can. I am not producing very much at the moment.