The Directors and the Musician Share their Insights on this Excellent New Music Video

Parisian singer-songwriter and beatmaker Jain’s latest single is the fiendishly catchy Come. Having moved around a lot when she was younger, the song is all about calling her childhood friends who are in disparate places back to her side.

Jain worked with the highly talented directing duo Grégory Ohrel and Lionel Hirlé aka Greg & Lio for her debut music video experience. Jain describes her music as “Melting Pop” and Greg & Lio are building a reputation for their cutting-edge music videos – the resulting collaboration is suitably stylish. We caught up with them to talk about the process of working together:

On coming up with the ideas…
Greg & Lio: The brief was: “be creative”, and that’s what we like. For us it was perfect because the label and Jain totally let us create all these little scenes, and trusted us on everything. They just told us which ones were their favourite so we shot them first.
Jain: I was keen to have a scene which included multiplication, but Greg & Lio came up with loads of other cool and clever ideas!

On working together…
G&L: Working with Jain was a real pleasure, because she is a young and very gifted artist. With it being her first music video, we wanted her to feel comfortable and we just tried to help her to be herself on screen, and to have fun – which sometimes isn’t easy – but she did it perfectly.
J: It was amazing! I loved it, because they are so smart and creative. And the shooting was really fun to do…They really make a good team.

On their favourite scene from the video…
G: I like the ‘zip scene’ in which Jain hides herself in a black hole, like in an old fashioned cartoon.
L: My favourite is the scene where Jain is running through the woods like the Magritte painting called Le Blanc Seing.
J: I like it when I lose my head. I really do have my head in the clouds, so it makes sense too.

On whether there were any outtakes…
J: There were lots of funny off-camera moments, the best one was to see Greg dancing. He’s a very good dancer!
On future projects:
G&L: We are in a competition for some of our commercials and music videos (wish us luck!) and we’re currently writing a short movie.
J: I’m making new songs as summer inspires me a lot. My EP is out on June 22, so there’s a lot of preparation to do for that…

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