Drawing the Future

Will this be the World of the Next Generation?

Despite the economic situation in Japan, declining birth rates and the country’s ongoing international issues, illustrator and owner of IC4DESIGN Hiro Kamigaki is optimistic: “I want children to have a dream and not to be scared for the future”. And that was not the only message contained in the inspirational illustration he and Daisuke Matsubara created for 5 Corporation’s 5 Days, a private school in Japan.

“I want children to believe that they can find a path in life, if they make an effort. This applies to me personally and it is my wish for wider society,” explained Hiro.

We decided to find out more about the process behind the 5 Days illustration:

The Plus: How did you create each scene?
Hiro Kamigaki:
This time, the theme was education. So I set the motifs and tools related to studying, such as stationery and books. When I drew a scene, I started with drawing a background, such as roads and buildings. Then I continued drawing the classrooms and cafes. When that was done, I would start imagining the people who lived in it and I created a scene.

TP: What is the most important message of this story?
On the first floor, young children are entering the school with their parents, feeling excited and nervous. On the roof of the building, you can see students boarding a train to the future. People are celebrating the children leaving the nest to the adult world. That’s the most important thing in this story.

TP: What are your plans for the near future?
This September, our picture book ‘Pierre the Maze Detective’ will be published in over 9 countries, including the UK and the US. At that time, we are planning some events in London.

We also have to finish the sequel of this book by August next year. That will certainly be challenging.


Illustrations courtesy of IC4DESIGN.