Breakfasts Reimagined

Unique Series Shows Off Some Bizarre Breakfasts

Do you read the paper, go to the gym or make sure you shave as part of your morning routine? And what about breakfast, are you a freshly squeezed OJ person or a perhaps you prefer a boiled egg? Imagine conflating these activities in such a way that they become literally enmeshed, melding into one another, and you’ve pretty much got the gist of Fashion Designer, Rebecca Martin’s latest series Morning Rituals.

“It began with the idea of putting everyday objects into bread,” explains Rebecca. “When I had the idea I thought it was pretty strange, which to me is always a great starting point.”

“I worked on the project with photographer Rita Braz, and when I initially brought up the idea she said something like ‘Ok, but why?’ so then I had to think about how to contextualise that visual starting point, how to create a story from it.”

We decided to catch up with Rebecca to talk more about this kitschy series and her own morning rituals.

The Plus: Could you tell us about your career background?
Rebecca Martin:
I’m a trained fashion designer, and since graduating in 2010 I’ve been working as a freelance designer and also for my accessories label Alpha Cruxis, which I launched in Berlin in 2013. I got into set design and styling through producing shoots for my label, and from there I began to work on other projects and for clients.

TP: Where did you find the different morning rituals?
I was brainstorming about morning habits that a lot of people can relate to, and of course these things have to be easily represented with one object. Rita was also part of this process, and together we decided on which ‘rituals’ we wanted to present.

TP: What’s your personal morning ritual?
I hate to rush in the mornings, so always allow plenty of time to get ready and have a good breakfast. Now that spring is here, I like to start the day by getting some sun on my balcony while catching up with emails or a morning dose of news/articles.

TP: What was the main challenge you had to overcome during the process of creating the series?
Finding the right bread! The bread had to look good and work with the other objects in the set, but it also had to be the right size and shape to fit the objects we had chosen to put inside it.

TP: You used very bright colours as a background for each photo. Why is that? How did you choose the right colour for each shoot?
As the concept was something quite fun and quirky I thought that bright colour was fitting. From the outset I had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted it to look and the colour palette for the shoot, so then backgrounds and objects were chosen to fit that.

TP: Are you working on anything new at the moment?
I’ve got a few shoots in the works; something with denim is on the way. I’m also working on some more three-dimensional sets that play with stripes and perspective. Stay tuned!