Illustrated Recipes

Home Cooking Never Looked So Good

Having recently got into cooking, Barcelona-born illustrator Laura Carreira Vidal thought it was high time to combine her two greatest passions, so she set up a blog showcasing her favourite recipes, all beautifully rendered in her distinctive style.

“I would describe my style as a combination of fresh and light sets of colours that result in bright illustrations with a touch of tenderness,” Laura explains. “I want the viewer to feel some of the happiness I experience when I am drawing.”

It’s not always been an easy or straight road for Laura in her illustration career. She was a fervent drawer ever since she was a small child, but was constantly told she’d never make a living from her passion. This meant she ended up studying Business before she eventually retrained as an illustrator and web designer.

We caught up with Laura to talk about her new blog and the career journey she’s been on.

The Plus: What made you start the blog?
Laura Carreira Vidal:
I think that it is very important to be on social media for an illustrator. I recently created my Instagram account and decided that the only thing missing was a blog. I already have my website and portfolio on behance, but solely for professional purposes.
I wanted something more personal where I could express myself more freely. To top it off, I recently discovered my passion for cooking. Therefore, I decided it was the right time to start a blog and combine my two passions: cooking and illustration.

TP: Did you come up with the recipes yourself? Why cakes?
Most of the time I take recipes that I find on the Internet as a reference and then give thema twist according my own ideas. I have several reference blogs which I visit every day and whenever I find a recipe I would like to make, I absorb the information, try to understand the process, and make my own recipe.
Afterwards, I take pictures of the result and draw it. For the moment, I made cakes because I have a sweet tooth, and it is the perfect excuse to bake them and eat them afterwards! But in day-to-day life I love to cook all kinds of different recipes and so I’m constantly learning and experimenting.

TP: What’s your speciality when it comes to cooking?
I love pasta and salads and I make something new every day. However, the best stuff I do is improvising – when it seems that there is nothing in the fridge, I always come up with a new and tasty recipe. It’s like a game. My thoughts are always divided between food and illustration.

TP: You originally studied Business but retrained at the School of Arts and Crafts Llotja Avinyó. How do you look back to those choices? What would you say to the younger you who was about to study Business?
That’s a difficult question, of course in hindsight I would encourage my younger self to do what I really wanted. However, when I look back I do not regret my Business studies, everyone becomes the person he/she is because of his/her decisions. I learned to have a more economical perspective on my work and to make efforts despite you not liking what you are doing.
I have always been very responsible and that reflects all the work I do. However, it has not always been easy to think that way – in the beginning I kept thinking about the years I lost not doing what I love.