How To Roadtrip

The Best Way To Prepare For A Holiday With Friends

A few months ago, graphic and motion designer Pierre Le Can decided to go on a roadtrip with three of his best friends. ‘We all wanted to see the West Coast and we were excited to go on a holiday together’, Pierre told us.

When he came back with great memories of treks through the Grand Canyon and Sequoia Park, Pierre had two days off and decided to spend it to create a new piece for his portfolio: How To Roadtrip.

The Plus: Why do you think people need to be prepared for a road trip?
Pierre Le Can:
I wouldn’t say “prepared”, but rather “know what to expect”. Spending several weeks in a car with people that don’t understand each other or want to do things really differently, which will make you end up frustrated and exhausted of trying to make everyone happy. So choose your friends well. Friends that you know would rather talk than pout on first occasion!

TP: What is the most memorable experience for the roadtrip you did?
All the wonderful things we saw in the Grand Canyon and Sequoia Park. The delusional cities. And most importantly the great time we had together. Singing and screaming shitty songs in the car. Our gaze lost in the distance while driving through these amazing landscapes. Eating burgers. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean and listening to live country music!

TP: You created the video in 48h. Why did you set this challenge for yourself?
I’m a motion designer and most of the time I work for agencies or clients. That doesn’t leave me a lot of time to create my own stuff. So I had these two days off and this idea in my head to make a funny thing about my roadtrip through California.

I think this is also a way to tell my clients “this is how fast I work, this is what I can do in two days”. I haven’t got a lot of personal work in my portfolio, so I guess it’s also a kind of demo.

TP: Would you go on a roadtrip again?
I can’t wait! But maybe with a slower group. I had a great time with my friends, but we tended to stay together. What I really expect from a trip is to meet locals, learn languages and customs. And I think this is more likely to happen when you’re with no more than two people.

Where? I’d love to go back to Asia.