Revolution Department

The Milan-Based Design Studio Makes a Grand Entrance Revolution Department may still be a little wet behind the ears, it’s only just be born. Nevertheless, they’re looking make a splash in the creative scene in their inaugural video. It’s a charming and whimsical ode to creativity and collaboration – of the seemingly mundane blossoming into the extraordinary. “Beyond the City is meant to be a tribute to creativity,” they tell us. “Elements we use every day in our creative work which come seemingly at random from a simple old piece of luggage to develop into something organic and vibrant”. That is the essence and beauty of the creative process, is it not? Even a masterpiece starts life as a blank canvas. Consisting of a diverse team of artists and designers Revolution Department is aiming to be a creative hub in Milan and beyond, focusing particularly on 3D and 2D animation, motion graphics and stop motion. We spoke to them about their first project. The Plus: What message were you looking to carry forward in this video? Revolution Department: We do not really like the word “message”…but we believe the world needs beautiful things to watch. 1 TP: What kind of feeling or style were you aiming for and in what way did you do that? RD: We wanted to use 3D in a modern way, keeping simple forms and pastel colors (these are our brand colours). It has also a perfect example of the way we would like to work: collaboration with international talents, like Santi Zoraidez (the art director of the video), merging with our national ones. 2 TP: How was the music chosen? What role does music play in this video? RD: Guido Smider is a great sound designer based in Milan. He watched the video while we were still finishing it and his contribution, as always with good music, adds a certain amount of depth to the video. TP: What was the main challenge you had to overcome during the process? RD: Everything went very smoothly to be honest…towards the end it was just the dealing with the impatience of wanting to see it finished that was a challenge! 3 TP: Your team consists of many artists from different professions (animation/design/illustration), how does that contribute to the work you create? RD: It is fundamental! Thanks to technology many artists work on their own and this is great. But by exchanging skills and ideas we believe you can always improve and surprise yourself. 4