LoopdeLoop x Animade: London

The Animation Event Is Finally Coming To London

“It seemed crazy that the chance hadn’t been leapt upon before now”, Creative Director of Animade, Ed Barrett enthuses. Through conversations with LoopdeLoop, the idea occurred to bring the animation event to London. “We were in the right place at the right time and we’re incredibly excited to be involved”.

LoopdeLoop is a bi-monthly animation challenge, with screenings in cities all over the globe. The contestants are given a different theme each time and the only rule is that the animation they create has to be a loop.

The London screening will held at Brick Lane today. “Hopefully the atmosphere will be pure fun!”, Ed told us.

Regular contestant, and twice winner of the event Richard Chhao said “I remember scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard and stopping at a LoopdeLoop poster that had the word Sydney in it. That’s the city I live in. So I thought I’d visit the website to see what it was about and my god! It was an incredible find. I was in animation heaven.”

Last March Richard won the competition with his video, GRAVITY. He told us more about it.

The Plus: What made you join the LoopdeLoop event?
Richard Chhao:
I became really attached to the website, watching previous winning animations and exploring the archives. I was feeling really inspired at the time and decided to make an animation for the Sydney LoopdeLoop event. Since then, I’ve been pumping out animations for most of their bi-monthly challenges, including the one I won recently for the GRAVITY theme.

Participating in LoopdeLoop has become an experience that I do not want to end. It’s a great way to throw my name out in the community and not only that, I get to meet other creative minds and that’s why I keep coming back.

TP: How was it to win the event?
I actually wasn’t there at the night of Sydney’s first LoopdeLoop screening. It’s funny because I was really looking forward to it, but when the night came, I totally forgot about it. What’s worse was that I won, but I had no idea because I was bumming around at home on Facebook.
This time I was present for the GRAVITY screening and it was great, watching all the incredibly funny loops and winning the challenge a second time. I will always remember the awkwardly short-lived fame on stage.

TP: What programs do you use for your animations?
I use Flash, Photoshop and TVPaint. I would like to learn Toonboom one day, though.

TP: Will you be joining the London LoopdeLoop event?
Travelling the world is probably one of the best ways to broaden anyone’s visual library and experience and I’ll be starting off by going to Japan very soon.
I would love to see London in the future, really soak in what London has to offer and navigate my way to London’s LoopdeLoop screening. One day, it will happen.

Loopdeloop’s London screening will be on the evening of 27th May at Café 1001.