Cine Hipsters

Logos of Cult Shows and Films Get a Special Makeover

Imagine the branding of your favourite cult TV program or film had been designed by a hipster in contemporary styling and you’re pretty much picturing designer Mainger Germain’s latest project Cine Hipsters. Everything from Game of Thrones to Pulp Fiction is represented, all fastidiously rebranded in a distinctive kitsch-meets-retro aesthetic.

“Cinema is the main source of my inspiration,” says Mainger. “I really like the graphic aesthetic of logos from the hipster style. They’re a bit vintage, simple and impactful.”

Although Mainger picks and chooses what shows and films to redesign out of personal preference, readers will be delighted to hear he will do requests, so why not get in touch with him if you’d like to see your own favourite immortalised in that quintessentially hipster fashion?

The Plus: How did you choose which programs and films to “makeover”?
Mainger Germain:
That was not a random choice of course, I picked my favourite films and series and there’s more to come. I will soon work on other logos for music and games.

TP: Is this an ongoing series? Can you see an end in sight?
Yes, it’s an ongoing series but I don’t know yet when I’ll finish. Maybe after the series of clothing that I’m planning next.

TP: What’s your personal favourite design and why?
The one of GOT (Game of Thrones) for the logo, and simply because of the series. I also like the one of Clockwork Orange because it looks a bit like a Coca Cola/milk bottle cap.

TP: What’s your professional background?
I graduated from graphic design studies in 2011 and then started working freelance. I worked on a lot of cinema posters and I participated in some local and international exhibitions. In 2014 I worked as an Art Director in a social TV agency called Darewin in Paris.

TP: Any other cool projects you’d like to share?
Cine hipsters is really a project that I did on a whim and I hope it will last but my specialisation is cinema posters. You can find them on my website.