Bespoke Side Tables

Opposites Align in these Table Designs of Natural Wood and Clean Lines

Italian designer Marco Venegoni, aka Vernicemogano’s latest Kurtz and Marlow designs combine wood in its most natural state, with the contemporary cleanness of iron and glass to make minimalist side tables with one foot in the forest and the other in your living room. They were created for new Italian design company, Durame.

“I like a kind of design that can amaze, provoke and tell something. A kind of design that hides or reveals a thought and doesn’t necessarily carry out a purpose,” he enthuses. “I think that, nowadays, functionality is no longer essential: on the other hand, just like in art, having a personal and fresh planning language is far more important.”

The designs made a notable debut at the Milan Design Week last month. We spoke to Vernicemogano to discover more about these unique pieces.

The Plus: What is the idea behind the woodblock in the design?
I drew two tables for a company specialized in wood carving; they really represent high Italian craftsmanship, they are keen on cabinet-making. Provocatively, I wanted to take them back to a more ancestral way: pushing machineries and sophisticated manufacturing techniques aside and using wood in its most natural state. That’s why I thought of a bark-free and lightly sand-blasted wood section with exalted veins. I combined it with a linear shape made of iron and glass, they took over one another and that’s the way the two tables were born.

TP: What was the main challenge during the process?
The research of proportions. A normal side table usually comes in a standard size but, in this case, the “designed” part had to deal with the natural one, i.e. the log, which never comes in standard size and shape. It wasn’t easy to find a balance between those two elements.

TP: What will your next project be?
I’m working on a series of mirrors. Reflective surfaces really fascinate me.
Bespoke Side Tables