German Musicians Make a Splash

German band MIA’s, latest music video Lauffeuer, features synchronised swimmers and ends with the band making a splash themselves. Director, Sofia Bavas, came up with the idea of having the band jump into water as a playful juxtaposition, because the song itself is about fire: “We were curious and wanted to see that clip – so we just had to make it,” she said.

When they formed, way back in 1997, the members of MIA were “just a few kids in a rehearsal room, who wanted to go out and play”. 18 years later, through a combination of luck and meeting the right people, they have performed at hundreds (or thousands, they don’t count) of shows and festivals, produced six albums and had dozens of radio and TV appearances. “In fact, looking back is not our favourite thing to do”, the band told us.

Despite their prestigious history, the band said their favourite moments were still “when we see people bouncing and singing to our stuff in the car next to us in a traffic jam”.

MIA told us more about Lauffeuer and their previous work.

The Plus: For our non-German readers: could you describe what Lauffeuer (Wildfire, ed.) is about?
Lauffeuer is about opening yourself up. It’s an invitation to tear down the barricades around you, to learn to know each other really closely. It’s not angry, but it’s resolute and offensively-friendly.

TP: Your first few songs were in English, after that most of them are in German. Why is that?
Our preference is German. It absolutely makes sense to use your native tongue when writing songs. It can be helpful using English though, German is such a tough language to sing!

TP: Are there any exciting things coming up?
Oh yes! On May 22nd we will be releasing our 6th studio album Biste Mode, there is a Germany/Austria/Swiss Tour announced for October and November 2015 and in the meantime we will play at some festivals.