Kate Spade Saturday

Something for the Weekend

The striking contrast of black on yellow combined with a minimal aesthetic typifies world-famous fashion brand Kate Spade New York’s, Kate Spade Saturday collection. “The idea started with a way to provide the original Kate Spade customer options for more casual clothes and accessories,” says Allison Henry Aver, who was Director of Brand Marketing for the project.

“Channeling the spirit of the weekend, our mission was to bring Saturday spirit to everyday of the week”.

The Kate Spade Saturday stores closed their doors in March after showing plenty of early promise. We spoke to Allison more about the collection:

The Plus: How did you get inspired for the style?
Allison Henry Aver:
We were inspired by the clothes. Katie Hatch, the lead on all product design and her team developed items that focused on easy materials, strong shapes and beautiful utility. Simplicity of form, geometry and grids played into their thinking and we translated that all into graphic design. Graphic design from the 80s, Alex Katz paintings, and 90s hip hop lyrics also became big influencers.

TP: What did you experience as the main challenge of the process?
The main challenge was making sure that the brand aligned with the original Kate Spade New York values such as playful, colourful, spirited and chic but interpreted them in our own way – without straying too far. Also, the brand needed to be global – we launched in Japan before we launched in the US, so the concept had to be able to translate well to the Asian market.

TP: What is your favourite product from the collection?
I’m very proud of all the work. I think we developed an original brand voice and aesthetic that had never been heard or seen in a retail space like this. Also, the Kate Spade Window shops we created in collaboration with eBay are another proud moment. It took many talented people and much multi-disciplinary thinking to achieve our final result.

TP: Are you working on any new projects at the moment?
Currently I’m the new Creative Director of Ann Taylor where I’m helping lead a complete rebrand of the company.