Illusionary Coffee Tables

Table Designs Taken to the Next Level

Inspired by Escher’s lithographs, designer Sebastiano Tosi created Mogg Illusioni, A table formed of cubes and graphical lines.

Besides designing, Sebastiano also works with 3D modelling and animation. “I prefer to work on product design,” he told us. “But to develop a real product, you should pass through 3D modelling. And I learned how to animate, so I could understand a product’s shape better.”
Sebastiano told us some more about Mogg Illusioni, and we take a look at some of his other designs below:

The Plus: How would you describe your style?
Sebastiano Tosi: I try to design simple and elegant products, with a story behind each of them.
TP: What was the main challenge of the process?
ST: The main challenge was how to transform Escher’s illusions into a tangible product, whilst maintaining its magical effect.

TP: Are you currently working on any new designs?
ST: Actually, I am developing sneakers and a motorcycle helmet collection for the A-Style brand.