Guilty Pleasures for all

A Little Happiness for People of all Ages

Even though not all of us like to admit it, we all have moments of weakness, especially when we are craving our favourite snacks. When illustrator Cavi Chan saw her 87-year-old grandma secretly take her chocolate from the fridge, she was inspired to make her newest series Sneak A Taste For A Little Happiness.

“I was invited to collaborate with a local online media and was given the theme ‘Age’,” Cavi told us. She started observing people from all age groups having the urge to do something they are not allowed to do. “For me, it was the urge to satisfy my curious taste buds, which I still can’t stand! I remember stepping on a chair to steal a biscuit from the cupboard as a child”.

This is my all time favourite snack since primary school.
An Oreo pencil case and a milky pencil sharper are the perfect match to bring to class.

The items Cavi chose reflect upon the different characteristics and issues of the respective age groups. “University students want to drink beer like an adult, people in the workforce release their stress by smoking, and elderly people have to take numerous of pills every day,” she explained.

We just had to find out more about these playful illustrations:

The Plus: What was the main challenge?
Cavi Chan:
Finding the similarity between the snacks and the objects that represent different age groups was not easy. Moreover, I had to pay much more attention to the details of the objects, because I wanted to keep them as illustrations, not as realistic objects.

TP: How would you describe your style?
Subtle, playful and joyful.

That’s why university students always have a cup of coffee with them.
Chocolate is a better stress releaser and mood booster. And you don’t have to go to the back alley to enjoy it.
TP: What is your personal guilty pleasure?
Sneak a taste! Because I’ve got a sweet tooth, but unfortunately my super absorbable genes don’t allow me to eat whatever I want.

TP: Do you have any plans for your next project?
Lately, I’ve created a series of photos: ‘Travel’ with my dog. I love my dog and I always wanted to travel with her, however it’s not easy to bring her with me due to complicated regulations in different countries. Therefore, I photo-shopped her into the photos that I took during my trips to make my wish come true, in a way.

Elderly – Take with the onset of stress, depression, boredom, loneliness, loss of iPhone, lack of discount at the supermarket, failure to solve Sudoku, lost in mahjong.
Retirement is boring. Why not cheer yourself with a box of candy while
finishing the sudoku on the newspaper? It is now handy to bring around too!