Voyages Extraordinaire

The Works Of Jules Verne Visualised By Christian Tagliavini

‘The idea came to me when I was at the metro stop ‘Art et Métiers’ in Paris’, photographer Christian Tagliavini told us about how he got inspired for his series Voyages Extraordinaire. ‘This scenographic station made me think of the journeys of Jules Verne. This was the start of a photographic project about travellers and their journeys’.

The series is divided in three chapters; ‘Voyages Extraordinaires’, ‘Voyages Extraordinaires, Portraits’ and ‘Voyages Extraordinaires, L’attente’. The latter chapter, which is about people who are waiting for the travellers to come home, will be finalised in 2015.

We had a chat with the Swiss-Italian photographer:

The Plus: How would you describe the style of the series?
Christian Tagliavini:
Almost all of my work is inspired on history or the past. I tried to give this series a mood of the photography of the late 19th century, but in a modern way.

TP: Do you have a favourite image from the series?
No, I don’t. Every picture has its own strength: someone is stronger.

TP: Was there any aspect of this project that was creatively or technically difficult to accomplish?
It was hard to find the right characters for my work and to persuade them. I like to do “people watching”, and to fix the difference, attitude and sometimes even their fears in my mind.

As Charles Bukowski said: “People are the best show in the world. And you don’t even pay for the ticket”.

The work of Christian Tagliavini will be on view at the Photo London event at Somerset House in London from 21st of May – 24th of May.