Time For Tea: Ora

Bringing Tea into the 21st Century

Ora, a teapot/laboratory instrument hybrid is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based designer Paul Loebach, which he produced for Kikkerland Design.

Paul said he wanted to get away from the bulky, old-fashioned tea pot design and instead took influence from the Japanese tea tradition, which is more elegant and refined.

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His teapot features a double-wall glass design to eliminate the need for a handle, adding to the minimalist, almost scientific look. It also keeps the tea warm for longer periods, whilst making sure it’s never too hot touch.

The result is a design that’s both functional and beautiful. The warmth of the cork lid provides a gentle juxtaposition to the teapot’s cool aesthetic. In this sense Ora stays true to the humble nature of the simple teapot, whilst giving it a very modern makeover.

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