Born By Chance: Distortions

Tests, Errors And Experimentations in Fine Arts Photographer, Steoville’s Latest Series

‘There are things that words can’t say that pictures can,’ Colombia-based photographer Stephen Ocampo Villegas, aka Steoville, explained to us. His work focuses largely on the human body, zooming in to create intense intimacy, experimenting with light, shadows, water and digital imperfections.

Steoville’s latest project, Distortions, is a series of alternative self-portraits, in which he happened to distort one of the images, and quite liked the results. ‘Distortions, born by chance, was based on the test, error and experimentation,’ he told us. ‘This project is one of my favorites and one which I have devoted a lot of time.’

We asked Steoville more about it.

The Plus: You focus a lot on presenting the human body in unique, and imperfect ways. What draws you to this style?
In this case I presented my body because I could say that 99% of my work is self-portraits. I prefer to shoot the body because I love the human body. I think clothes hide the soul. In Distorted I could say it’s more a method of experiment.


TP: What was the main challenge in the process?
The most important thing in the creative process was the decision to cut my hair, and also fixing a background.

TP: What thoughts do you hope to inspire in people with these images?
That the face, hands and body of a young man are stretched and melted into infinity. A man enclosed in himself, struggling with his own troubling thoughts.

TP: Could you tell us about your current projects?
Most are personal projects, I’m self-taught in what I do and the most important thing is never stop creating. I’m always learning new things, and this is the basis of everything.