Kastrup | Thieves

Photo Ready Memories and Nostalgia in the Swedish Band’s Latest Music Video

Set in Malmö, Sweden, Swedish band Kastrup compliment their latest track, Thieves, with a wistful narrative of lovers embracing the moment, and seemingly without a care.

Director, Christofer Nilsson of Mohave Media, wanted the video to feel like a memory, and a visit back to the freedom of youth.

‘Although at first glance it might look like a story about two people, I feel like it’s rather a collage of a state of mind, or a vibe,’ Christofer told us. ‘I wanted to shoot it in a way that resembles still photography storytelling, almost like the whole video is a nostalgic memory sprung from looking at old pictures, from that rebellious night of escapism.’

We caught up with Christofer to find out more:

The Plus: What would do you hope viewers think about or feel whilst watching the video?
Christofer Nilsson:
I think that almost everyone has a memory of that one night where nothing else existed. No expectations, no responsibilities. Everything felt endless and hopeful, yet equally melancholic. I wanted to trigger that feeling and leave the viewer in a nostalgic haze.

TP: Was their anything particularly challenging to achieve in the making?
Low light situations and car scenes are always a mess. Just don’t do it. But apart from that, not really. For once, I had plenty of time to really dig into the idea and the vibe. The actors, Amanda and Tilman, did a great job during all stages of production. Along with the fact that Kastrup had complete faith in us, it really made for optimal conditions.

TP: Could you tell us about your next project?
Well, we’re really keeping ourselves busy. Some projects with the badass hip-hop collective Fantastic and a handful live sessions for Hurricane Love, to mention a few. We’re also planning our next trip to California, which will be in the first quarter of 2016.