Volcan: Thysia

Dark and Heavy Techno Music Video Playing With Sun, Water and A Low Tech Camera

Playing with images of reflections of light on water, Volcan is the France-based multi-skilled producer/filmmaker behind the abstract piece of art that is Thysía.

‘About the creative process, like many people everything comes from reverie and experimentation.’

Volcan specially composed the track for Strip Steve’s W.E.L.T. radio show on Berlin Community Radio, which had an “Occult” theme. Subsequently, he created the video, which is made with rushes found on his camera. The clips featured views of the sun, accompanied by strange yet compelling optical artifacts. 1

The Plus: What is the story behind the name Thysía?
As the theme of the radio show I composed the track for was “The occult”, I wanted a name linked to that: Thysia is the name of the sacrificial rites in ancient Greece. I also wanted a name in Greek language, as I am concerned about what’s happening in Europe right now, politically and economically. Greece has been unfairly sacrificed on the altar of money and now it tries to resist the European troika, which is very courageous, and maybe leading the way to a social reform in Europe.
TP: Could you tell us a little about your progress as an artist?
I am self-taught; I began working as a background artist in the animation field. I moved to graphic design/illustration. I began music four years ago; as music is more abstract than illustration much more things can be expressed. I also liked the idea of creating visuals to accompany the music.
TP: What are you currently working on?
I am working on my first EP, which will be released on July on a French Label “Camisole records” and will be called “Thysia”.