Plant Power: Aeris

Lab Fabrici Designs an Air Purifier Powered by Natural Sources

Lab Fabrici is the result of collaboration between two young designers, Alessio D ‘Andrea and Vincenzo Vitiello. This duo is literally a breath of fresh air in the world of product, furniture and lighting design.

One of the studio’s latest designs, Aeris, is an air purifier, which incorporates the biological functions of a plant into its workings. A small, high-speed fan in the product increases airflow through a plant placed inside the object. Increased levels of carbon are then returned to the plant, and fresh oxygen is released into the environment.

Alessio and Vincenzo told us more about their studio and product:

The Plus: How did the two of you come to work together?
Alessio D ‘Andrea and Vincenzo Vitiello:
We met during our degree at Politecnico di Milano and thanks to a strong synergy and the different skills that characterize us, we decided to collaborate.
We work on each project by joining together a strong creative and technical, with a precise working method.

TP: What kind of things do you enjoy working on most?
We mainly deal in product, furniture and lighting design. Our constant research and curiosity leads us to discover new areas of design, our hallmark accompanying our design philosophy is perceived in the design of hybrid products, which mix the component mechanical / electronic, with a craft component, products that we define “TECHNICAL CRAFT. We design both limited series, and products suitable for mass production.

TP: What inspired the making of Aeris?
Aeris is a result of the passion that we both have to plants and to nature in general. We are fascinated by the idea of being able to design a product that can amplify the extraordinary properties of natural purifying plants, and the benefits they bring. Based on studies done by NASA in the 80s on the ability of different plants to purify the environment, we decided to enclose the scientific process analyzed in a product with a strong identity.

TP: Working on any exciting new inventions at the moment?
For the future we are working on a family of objects characterized by our philosophy of TECHNICAL CRAFT, but we do not want to say too much about. But if you are interested, stay tuned.