Small World

Photographer Manuel Archain Puts Everyday Life Into Miniscule New Perspectives

As photographer Manuel Archain tells us: ‘We live in a small worlds, so things are usually absurdly big or small around us.’

On a search for the ‘right size’ of things, Manuel puts people and the things around us into a new perspective, for his ongoing series, Small World.

‘There is something about perception and reality that has always bothered me, this is my way to explain the way I think and see things’

The creation of each scene in the series begins with a sketch and some notes by Manuel. As soon as he finds the right location and model, which often takes a while, the photographic process starts. ‘The photographic process is easy,’ he told us. ‘It’s all about keeping a few technical aspects in mind, like the light, angle and shadows’.

We had to find out more about the Small World photographer and his thoughts behind it:

The Plus: How would you describe the images you create?

Manuel Archain: Surreal, I guess. I think these images are just an expression of another reality, which we are not able to see.

TP: You end your statement about the series with the words ‘I saw it with my own eyes’ – what is it that you saw?

MA: It’s what I feel and sometimes when our feeling is strong enough, we can start to see it


TP: What are you working on next?
I’m still working on this series, but also on a couple more. I am basically trying to find the way to express this feeling of absurd reality or a tin line between the real world and our perception.