Floating and Evolving, Chris Lewis’ Digital Life Form Exists in Another Dimension and Space

Starting off as an experiment, Port City digital artist and content maker, Chris Lewis, didn’t know how this personal project would turn out. Aspiring to create something organic, Chris told us: ‘I was aiming for something that would be interesting and mesmerizing to look at. It was an experiment that just happened to work out I think?’

The result was Organism Origami, an evolving piece of digital life form, floating and folding away in another dimension and space. Coupled with meditative and reflective music by Slow Dancing Society, the film suspends the viewer in an abstract state of wonder and growth. We caught up with Chris to find out more:

The Plus: The music seems very important to the piece, how did you go about choosing it?
Chris Lewis:
Yes I try to collaborate with music artists around the world. For this one I used a song from Slow Dancing Society, he’s very good! The music does make a huge difference. I think this video is just as much about the music as it is about the visual element. It was a collaboration.

TP: Do you do origami yourself?
Ha ha no, in fact I remember trying to do it in my school days and I remember I was quite bad at it.


TP: Which programs do you use?
I used After Effects and plug-in Trapcode MIR.

TP: What are your next plans, in terms of personal projects?
I’m always working on something new both with the camera and using digital effects; some of them have context and story, while others are more just digital art.