Hair to Contrast

A Look at the Coifed Exploration into Light and Dark that Won Pavel Ohapkin Hairdresser of the Year

Art director and coach at the school of hairdressing skills, In De Art, Pavel Ohapkin, already has an impressive list of credentials to his name. With his eye-catching Olympia series, he plays with blondes and black, long and short, his bold lines perfectly captured by the metallic photography of Karen Kananian. This project won him the hairdresser of the year category in the Russian Hair Dresser Awards 2014.

As we all know, it can be a hell of a challenge choosing the right style for your hair. This top stylist and trendsetter shows that it isn’t necessary to settle for just one aspect, but with the right hairdresser, you can mix the things you love into one great look.


hair – Pavel Ohapkin
mua – Nika Kislyak
style – Olga Kalafati
set-design – Pasha Pavlov
ph & pp – Karen Kananian