Colapesce: Reale

The Dreamer Becomes the Protagonist and the Spectator in Colapesce’s Latest Animation and Rotoscope Music Video

Both 80s babies who grew up under the shadow of Hollywood’s kids movies, the likes of directors such as Spielberg, Zemeckis and Lucas have all been big influences for Italian musician Colapesce, and director Zavvo Nicolosi of Sicilian artistic collective, Ground Oranges.

‘Growing up with those movies and characters were absolutely natural for us,’ Zavvo explained to The Plus, ‘I basically wanted to pay them a tribute; they shaped and influenced my fantasy.’

The video is a hybrid between animation and live movie takes; partially Rotoscope, partially completely hand-drawn. The dream-like scenes feature a host of iconic 80’s and 90’s film characters such as the Ninja Turtles.

‘We tried to realize our inner child dream: the opportunity to interact with our heroes,’ explained Zavvo. ‘Who has never had the wish to fly on a Luckdragon’s back?!’

We caught up with Zavvo to find out more:

The Plus: We noticed that each different scene has its own different colours and shadings.
Zavvo Nicolosi:
The cartoonist Michele Bernardi immediately had this idea: different scenes with different colours in order to express the fantastic and unreal dreams’ atmospheres. This technique also adds to the video a fresher and more dynamic look.

TP: How would you describe the relation between the visuals and the music?
The lyrics deal with a “real” love, without any frill; we decided to put some contrast on it with a completely unreal and irrational video.

TP: What was the main challenge of the process?
The hardest part was concerning Michele Bernardi. The making of the animations took a lot of work and time. A few scenes we considered were left behind because they were too complicated to make.