Famous Cats

Grumpy Cat And his Internet Famous Friends Immortalised in Illustrations

Well-known for her project Beautiful Gingers -, in which she photographed and interviewed 200 ginger people from Israel, Nurit Benchetrit focussed on a completely different group of subjects for her recent project: famous cats of the internet.

1 lil bub
2 maru
3 grumpy
‘It caught my eye that there are so many Internet famous cats’, Nurit told The Plus. In fact, there were a lot more famous cats than Nurit had expected, and she got a kick out of realising that each of them probably makes more money then most of us do.’

‘I want people to take a part in this project and make it grow,’ Nurit told us. If you have suggestions of famous cats you’d like her to draw, leave a comment on her Facebook wall and maybe she’ll give it a go!

4 omg
5 cooper
6 colonel
7 hamilton
We had to find out more about Nurit’s work:

The Plus: Your portfolio is very broad..
Nurit Benchetrit:
My work varies with each project that I receive from clients. I like doing anything that excites me and work on projects that are creative. I also design, illustrate and photograph for fun.

TP: Do you have a cat?
No, I don’t. I’ve always loved cats, but it’s impossible to have cat in my small apartment in Tel Aviv.

TP: Do you have any plans for your next project?
I always design and illustrate for fun. I make a living from design and work with clients, so I’m open minded for upcoming projects.

8 shirneko
9 sam
10 venus
11 nala
12 snoopy
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