Almost Naked Sporty Chubbies

Illustration Celebrating Body Shapes and Sports through Lines and Patterns

‘Generally I have a soft spot for everything connected with the body,’ France-based, Polish illustrator Justyna Szczepankiewicz told us. ‘Boobies, butts, curves, plus size girls, nudity etc. I’m in love with all different body shapes and use this subject pretty often in my works.’

Justyna’s personal project, Almost Naked Sporty Chubbies, features ‘plus-size’ women in various exercise postures, presented in playful patterns. Currently working for the Polish studio that creates applications for youngsters, Duckie Deck, Justyna keeps her illustrations as simple and graphic as possible, using lines as her base, and a way to keep everything in place. We found out more:

The Plus: When did you start drawing?
Justyna Szczepankiewicz:
I wish I could say I was drawing from as far back as I remember, and I spent my entire childhood creating mesmerising art. But the truth is I started pretty late in high school. Before that I wasn’t drawing more than any other kid. But I’ve always had million of ideas in my head. One glimpse at the illustration task/brief/ editorial, and I always have at least a couple of ideas on my mind.

TP: Are you into working out?
I’ve always been this clumsy, uncoordinated kid: maybe not the Last-One-Picked-in-Gym-Class- type, but definitely not a cheerleader! Luckily I grew out of this and now I’m pretty active. I snowboard, ride a bike when I can, do yoga, run. Lately I’ve started do some kickboxing at home since I always wanted to know how to fight. This comes from my deep, deep love for Rocky Balboa.

TP: What is your current project?
Currently I ‘m creating letters for 36 days of type project. It is plenty of fun doing one letter of alphabet everyday, especially since there are so many talented people taking part in this. It gives you a huge dose of inspiration everyday. It’s not too late to join the game!