Visual Poetry: H O R I Z O N

Channelling Holiday Meditation in Delicate Clips and Roaming Views of France

‘I like taking pictures without thinking about what I will do with them,’ Filmmaker Franck Pinel told us.

On a recent family trip to Quiberon in Brittany and L’île de Houat, France, Franck stayed true to his passion, collecting a series of stunning video footage. The clips featured the sea, sun, boat, and his two young sons having a marvellous time on their holiday.

On his return, Franck developed the footage into a wonderfully edited piece of art, creating an adventurous, yet peaceful atmosphere. We loved to find out more about the visual poem:

The Plus: The music is very emotionally stirring. How important is the music to this piece?
Franck Pinel:
The music is very, very important to me. I love the music so much.
On this film, the talented David Grumel asked to work with me on this project. It was a treat, he creates beautiful music.

The Plus: What was the main challenge of this project?
The main challenge for me was to capture beautiful footage and to transcribe emotion at the same time.

TP: Do you have any plans for your next project?
I don’t have any plans for my personal work yet. I do have other plans: in August I will go to Costa Rica, which is a great place to take pictures, of course.