Hooptie Font

Typography Inspired by a the Dilapidation of the 1972 Land Yacht Through the Years

With the unlikely inspiration of a 1972 Land Yatch, University of Kansas design student Sydney Goldstein created the Hooptie typeface. The design, which comes in two styles and ten weights, follows the progression of a dilapidating car.

Sydney made Five “rounded” and five “sharp” weights, with the interior of each letter wearing away through the years. She also paid special attention to the way the top heavy design of the vehicle, and the straight lines which extend out beyond the bended curves, incorporating this into her innovative font.

Sydney kindly told us more about her work:

TP: How did you form the connection between a Land Yatch and a typeface?
Sydney Goldstein: I was asked to brand the Airstream trailer to help some friends in KU’s architecture program, once I saw the trailer I couldn’t help but think it would be a fun challenge to try to make a typeface based off it. That way they could use the typeface on a variety of applications without needing to approach a graphic designer each time they needed collateral.

TP: What’s your design story?
SG: I’m a Senior at The University of Kansas about to graduate in May. I credit everything to my school and my amazing professors who have helped guide me and challenged me. I’m very fortunate to have chosen a college with an amazing graphic design program, even though I had no idea how stellar it really was.

TP: You’ve worked on a variety of design projects, what are your favourite things to work on?
SG: This keeps changing, and I hope it always does. I really enjoy looking for a new challenge in projects, whether that be lettering, a new style, or a new way of thinking. I really like variety and trying to problem solve my way through a project.

TP: What is your favourite typeface?
SG: Eek. Everyone’s most dreaded question. Right now I’m really into Apercu by Colophon.

TP: What are your future plans with the typeface?
SG: Eventually I’d like to sell the typeface. All ten weights have been prepped for Fontlab, it’s just a matter of finding the time to actually transfer everything over.


Sydney’s work has been recognized by The Art Directors Club, The Type Directors Club, Communication Arts, AIGA, among others.