Dodge The Lunch

Stylist and Photographer Duo Recall Childhood Memories and Surreal Meal TimesIn a photo shoot that inspires nostalgic childhood memories about meal times, art director Jolita Lenktaityte, and photographer Tibor Galamb collaborate to create the whimsical photography project that is, Dodge the Lunch. 1 ‘The idea came from typical children behavior, when they need to go to eat lunch or dinner,’ Jolita told us. The series presents stroppy, disinterested, and playful models, doing anything to avoid their conceptual meals. Tibor and Jolita are experienced collaborators, having worked together on host of previous projects for fashion labels and magazine spreads. We asked about this project: The Plus: You decided not to include real food in the images. Tibor Galamb & Jolita Lenktaityte: We always like to keep it clean and a little surreal. 2 3 5 TP: What is your creative process like when you work together? JL: We do the research together, then I come up with the main concept and make few mood boards, Tibor comes up with lightning set up that would work, I make the props or the set if needed, we pick models and the rest of the team (MUA, hair) together. TP: Will you be collaborating again soon? JL: We will, we have worked on few projects since this one. But they’re yet to be published. 6 7 8 9 10 11