Cookie Jar

Traffic Signs & Jake The Rapper Collaborate For Some Absurd Biscuit Fun

‘The style is simply crazy!’ Steve Bug told us about his recent video for his collaboration track with Jake the Rapper, Cookie Jar. ‘I really love it. It goes along well with the lyrics and with Jake and I not taking us to seriously,’ he added.

Originally used as a moniker under which to release his anonymous projects, Traffic Signs is now just Steve’s alternative name, with this absurdly playful track and video being the latest of his works. Directed by Ben & Julia, the video takes us back to a simpler time of cookies, jars, and dancing biscuit girls! We caught up with Steve to find out more.

The Plus: How did you and Jake come together to make this track?
Steve Bug:
I’m not 100% sure what started it exactly, but Jake and I were talking about collaborating via Facebook for a while. We’ve been sending each other tracks with directions that it could take. And originally we had quite a different plan, but then I came up with this tune and it needed some vocals and I sent it to Jake to see if he had an idea for it. He did, so he recorded the vocals and I put everything together at the end.

TP: Any funny stories from the making of the video?
Many, but what happened in the studio stays in the studio!

TP: The video is hilarious, but could you tell us the deeper, hidden meaning behind it?
There is always a deep and hidden meaning behind everything. 😉