This Early Autumn: Yours

Colombia Based Alternative Rock Band Tell a Story of Instant Love in Latest Music Video

With an evolving sound and imagery of romanticism, nostalgia and beauty, Colombian-based rock band, This Early Autumn, take us on a journey of love and light between two birds in their latest video, Yours.

This Early Autumn - Yours
Fronted by lead vocalist Juan Valderrama, the band are quickly gaining momentum in their home country, as well as in the UK, having already garnered air-play on Frank Skinner at Absolute Radio, BBC Radio London 94.9, Shoreditch Radio and MTV.

The track, which has been successfully funded by Kickstarter, ‘is a declaration of love,’ Juan told us, ‘and the song and the video tells it in a very basic way.’ We asked Juan more:

The Plus: How did you, and director Daniel Ibañez, develop the part live action, part animation concept of this video?
Juan Valderrama:
Daniel has made most of my previous videos. We always wanted to come up with something simple and beautiful, nothing complicated technically or in the story-telling. I told him that I wanted to use animation to get the message across and that it would be nice if that story involved an analogy that also permeates reality somehow. He shot what he needed that day and then he drew and animated the rest.


TP: How would you describe the differences between the music scenes in the UK and Columbia?
They are both very hard-working and hard to reach in terms of competition. Though in the UK there are much more resources and venues to show your talent as well as a wider mentality toward music and arts in general. Therefore I guess there is more room for everybody.

TP: What are you currently working on?
This release campaign is the most important thing right now with great stuff coming up in the near future. The album “Trust” is to be released and This Early Autumn is also very likely to move back to London soon. We are planning on new videos and jazzy acoustic sets with beautiful backing vocals. Hopefully with the noise we are making with the new material we can get some attention from festivals of all sizes.