Racing Down Norway’s Gnarliest

Skier and Filmmaker Nikolai Schirmer Combines his Passions on Øksehogget Couloir

In Beating Your Sluff In A Tight Spot, Skier and Filmmaker Nikolai Schirmer races down what has been rated as one of Norway’s raddest skiing spots, to the Øksehogget couloir. We are taken on a wild ride of POV shots and wide range shots as Nikolai navigates the tight spots of this perilously steep and narrow gully.

Although this passionate skier has injured himself a few times over the years, he told us: ‘I don’t think it’s excessively dangerous, but of course there are risks when you ski like I do. As long as you take the necessary precautions to avoid being caught in an avalanche, you have to be really unfortunate to kill yourself’.

We had to find out more about this ski-loving filmmaker.

The Plus: What is your earliest memory of skiing?
Nikolai Schirmer:
I had my first experiences with skis on my dad’s back as a toddler. From then on it was cross-country skis, until I got my first pair of alpine skis at eight.

TP: What’s your favourite place to ski?
My favourite place to ski is wherever there’s good snow, good friends and exciting mountains. Which usually means, Chamonix, France.

TP: Is there any place still on your bucket list to go skiing?
I would love to ski in New Zealand. To be skiing every month of the year would be insane. First Europe, the AK for the late season, glaciers for the summers and New Zealand for the spring, that would be a dream year.