Optilabs: Making Waves

Visual Artist Riccardo Sabatini Rides the Crests of Geometry with Hypnotic Patterns

Optilabs is my personal path of development and creation of optical or abstract artworks that I’ve worked on since 2006,’ Florence based graphic designer and digital artist, Riccardo Sabatini, explained to us.

Black and White Experiments
As a long time fan of optical art and geometrical artworks, Riccardo was influenced by the works of Victor Vasarely and Franco Grignani when he first began creating his images. ‘I started to work on digital images with that inspiration in mind,’ Riccardo told us, ‘playing with geometric forms in all the possible ways.’

In his Optilabs projects, Riccardo has played with multiple elements and shapes each time, from cubes and circles, to wave patterns. His extensive altering of the colours and compositions has allowed him to achieve motion within a static picture.

Two Colours Ladder Waves
The Plus: What first pulled you to digital art?
Riccardo Sabatini:
I discovered digital art in the early 2000s at high school in the “old way”, through books, and then through the net. After my diploma I started to make some attempts at it with Photoshop, refining my skills through the years. I did other jobs at the time, but back in 2008 I decided to start some design courses and get into the creative industry. The visual passion to create stuff through the digital media has been always there for me.

TP: You’ve been working on your Optilabs projects for a while, how are they progressing?
The first Optilabs artworks were random and quite messy, each work different from the other, they missed a common medium. So I decided to give them a sort of branding, choosing each time a different geometric element and then playing with it. Like I did with cubes and circles.

Three Colour Scale Waves
TP: You’ve worked on a range of different projects, what are your favourite kinds of projects to work on?
The ones I still have to learn. In the past, my dream was to become a comic book artist, but I suck at drawing, so I’ve become a graphic designer. I collaborate with an Italian indie comic publisher, Passenger Press, and I work on their typography. I feel more comfortable working with type and abstract textures, but I do like change, so every challenge is accepted.

Intersecated Colour Scale Waves
Tangled web sinusoid grid
Black/White Chaos

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