Love and Water

Wave and Wedding Photographing Husband and Wife Duo Combine their Passions

Meet Shawn-Marie and Adam Ravazzano, the husband and wife team who are making huge and unique waves in the world of wedding photography. Adam began as a wave photographer 7 years ago when he was a surf instructor and ran surfing tours in Queensland.

Shawn-Marie began as a wedding photographer in 2010. In a stroke of creative genius, the couple decided to combine their passion for love and water, in a project that sees them photographing couples and families, in and around the sea.

Although their work may seem like it’s all beach and sunshine, a lot of work goes into creating these perfectly blissful pictures.

‘Making sure the conditions are right is a challenge,’ Shawn-Marie told us, ‘as a lot of different factors go into creating quality underwater portraits, including weather, swell, size, and of course the comfort of the client in the water.’

We heard more from Shawn-Marie on love and water.

The Plus: Where did you two meet?
Shawn-Marie Ravazzano:
Adam and I met on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where he was born and raised. I was visiting during a study abroad trip in 2006. We kept in touch after meeting the last two weeks I was there, and I moved back to be with him the next year!

TP: How is it working together with your partner? Are there any challenges?
It’s amazing getting to spend so much time together and we work together very well. Of course there are, and when we’re stressed about something work related we get stressed at the same time but we’re learning to deal with it the more we work together!

TP: What is your equipment of choice for the underwater sessions?
We use AquaTech housings with Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III cameras and a variety of lenses including 35mm, 50mm and a 14mm fisheye.

TP: What is it like shooting people whilst they are on holiday or honeymoon?
It’s always a great time, so whether we’re working with a family of 12 or a couple who is on vacation, we keep the sessions light-hearted and fun. It’s the only way to ensure you continue to love what you do.