Meet My Mum

Ever Felt Like you Couldn’t Get Your Parents off Your Back? Photographer Sacha Goldberg Understands

When it comes to parenting, there is often a fine line between tenderness and suffocation. In French photographer, Sacha Goldberg’s most recent series, Meet my Mum, this concept is explored through a project that explores the eerier aspects of filial relationships.

The last time we spoke to Sacha, he had just reimagined a host of household-name super heroes and villains in his Flemish portrait –style project Super Flemish.

Here, the artist continues his line of questioning into the power paradoxes and juxtapositions, paying special interest to the extreme closeness of children to their parents, and the solitude of each individual.

We caught up with Sacha again, to hear more:

The Plus: How would you describe the style of this photography?
Sacha Goldberg:
I am fond of Edward Hoper, he was always a great inspiration for me. I try to make each picture into a little story.

TP: What feelings do you hope to inspire in the viewer?
As far as they feel something when they look at my pictures, that’s great. This series inspires very different things with each viewer. Some find them find them very quiet and tender, some very frightening. It depends on their family history.


TP: Do you have a favourite parent-child pair from the series?
My favorite parents child is my own picture with my mother and my grand mother, because it is a very personal picture and story. I also like Odile and Benoit. I think the place, the expression of the characters are matching very well. This black woman looks so beautiful. I like the story this image tells.

TP: Any funny stories from the production process?
For my own picture I shaved, and had a Wig. Most of my team didn’t recognize me at the first minute… That was great fun.