A Dialogue of Process In the First of The Plus’ Creative Discussions Series

Amilcar Fong is a conceptual artist working for the collectible products and figural art producers, Sideshow Collectibles, on their frighteningly fantastical new range, Court of the Dead. Captured here by Sideshow Collectibles’ filmmaker and multimedia manager, Stephen Lubin, Amilcar shares his inspirations and processes. In the first part of The Plus’ Artists in Conversation series, Amilcar and Stephen tell us what they’ve learnt from working together:

Working on Court of the Dead

Amilcar: Court of the Dead turns monsters into the heroes of the story with a lot of history elements and a lot of fantasy, it’s great! My role in it is awesome! My job is to help the creative director at Sideshow, Tom Gilliland, to realize his vision by conceptualizing creatures.

Stephen: I was told an artist is coming in to do some artwork on the Court of the Dead line, and I was shown some of his artwork. Looking at all of your work Amilcar, the drawings instantly inspired me, and I knew this profile was going to be special.

Learning about Process

Stephen: I’ve learned that creativity is something that just flows out of someone. If you have a passion to create something or think of something new then just go for it. Embrace your inner child, the excitement you have for a project and dive in.

Amilcar: Working with you on this film Stephen, I learned it is always difficult to put my process into words, and I found out that it is easier to make a drawing of what I’m feeling than to talk about it. This is why I stick to conceptual art.

Channelling creativity

Amilcar: My background is in physical therapy, and I have a little bit of knowledge on how the human body may be damaged by age or disease. So, what I’m always trying to do is use my background to create physical and psychological first impressions in these characters and send a message to the audience about the personality of that character.

Stephen: I most identify with the fact that sometimes you know exactly what to create, and other times you don’t. There are days where I feel like the creative juices have been sucked dry out of me, and other days I feel so inspired and driven there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Collaboration Process

Amilcar: Just two words…two beers. Haha. It was awesome, wonderful! Everyone was very patient with me. English is not my first language, so you did a really good job in putting the piece together.

Stephen: At the end of the day, your drawings are so brilliant and beautiful that they really speak for themselves. You made the process really simple, and in these Artist Profiles we really let the artist communicate what goes on in their head and let them tell their story.

What it Takes for Effective Collaboration

Amilcar: Be nice and have fun. Respect each other’s opinions and work. Be humble. Appreciate the time other artists you’re working with are giving to you.

Stephen: I always allow the artist to express himself fully. Whenever I sit down for an interview, I let that person know that they will have full creative control over anything they don’t like in any of the cuts we create. It gives them a sense of relief and allows them to hold nothing back when telling their story.