On a Mission From God

Brand-New Work and a Debut Solo Show From Lifelong Illustrator, Max Dalton

Argentina-based Illustrator, Max Dalton has been drawing since the age of three, and never really stopped. “There wasn’t a single day of my life that I remember, that I didn’t make at least a small drawing”, he told The Plus.

A Love Story
Currently based in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Max’s debut solo show, On a Mission From God, will feature only his newest and exclusive works, two of which he has kindly shared with us:

Blues Brothers
Max’s passion for the wonderful world of popular culture is evident in his works. This is especially true in his recent series, “Greatest Moments in Film”, which includes over 40 iconic scenes from the most highly celebrated films of the past millennium.

We caught up with Max to find out more.

The Plus: You have been drawing since you were young. How have your early creative memories influenced the artist you are today?
Max Dalton:
That’s right. Once we have other responsibilities, we are taught that art isn’t very important for subsistence, so, unless we find some support from adults, we tend to leave it aside and eventually lose all the art skills we are born with.

In my particular case, I couldn’t stop drawing. I guess that’s what makes you an artist, to keep going no matter what. Eventually I realised that I’ve made a career and I couldn’t do anything else. In the end, I’m doing the same I’ve always done, the only difference is that now I’m getting paid for it.

The Graduate
Pulp Fiction
The Big Lebowski
TP: You work in a lot of different areas, like animation and illustration. What do you enjoy most?
I think that the most pleasing to me is making books. Maybe because I have a profound love of them and I’m nostalgically attached to those picture books that I had during my childhood.

TP: Are you working on any new projects at the moment?
I can’t really talk about it, but there are more books coming soon! And for the posters, I’m planning to enter the screen print territory, which is all new and exciting to me. Let’s see what happens there.

Show Flyer
Max Dalton’s solo exhibition “On a Mission From God” is on view from April 4th – 28th, 2015 at the Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco.