Jack and the Giant

Get Lost in The Wonderful Richness and Patterns of Liquid in A Love Like Pi’s Latest Video

‘The song is about the space that grows between you and your imagination as you grow older,’ filmmaker Kim Pimmel told us about A Love Like Pi’s latest track, Jack and the Giant.

In a micro world of liquid patterns and movement, Kim’s visualization of the wistful track, can transport you into a world of childlike fascination and wonder. Using household liquids, such as food coloring, soap and water, Kim aimed to ‘make the viewer feel like a child again – to give them that feeling when you are young and simple things like bubbles are fascinating and inspire curiosity.’ We asked him more:

The Plus: How did you develop a concept that would compliment the track?
Kim Pimmel:
It’s abstract storytelling using analog effects – weaving a narrative and story around visual elements. The narrative of the video was created around the mood and lyrics of the song – how a person’s sense of childlike imagination is challenged, as we grow older.

TP: What inspires you to look so closely at different liquids?
Liquids demonstrate wonderful richness and unexpected behaviors, and I’m interested in finding unusual interactions in fluid dynamics and showcasing their beauty and strangeness.

TP: As a designer for Microsoft HoloLens, Filmmaker, Photographer and DJ, how do you manage so many creative endeavors?
All of my interests feed into each other – photography helps me understand composition, color, scale, focus, etc. Film-making is a direct extension of that hobby – but with motion. But moving images alone don’t always tell a story, and I had learned from DJing that it’s really important to create a narrative or flow throughout a DJ set to take the listener on a journey. My education in graphic design led me to doing UX for Adobe, and now Microsoft – and designing software is a form of interactive storytelling. I balance the day job designing software in a very structured environment with the more freeform, hands on playfulness of creating my short films.