Epic Paris

Get Lost in the Dark Romance of Emeric Livinec’s Night-time Parisian Scenes

Self-made filmmaker, Emeric Livinec, began shooting many years ago, but only recently organised it into a steady gig, now regularly shooting several professional videos for corporate clients, as well as his personal creations and camera tests.

One of his experimentations comes in the form of his new video, Paris, a video with a cinematic feel, created to test the SLR Anamorphot x1,33 lens. Accompanied by eerie, thriller-like music, Emeric told us that his chosen soundtrack inspired the concept of the video.

‘I had visions of some iconic Parisian places at night, without any human presence,’ Emeric said. ‘I thought it would be a perfect fit for a TV show titles, a dark enigmatic TV show.’ We found out more about the making of Paris:

The Plus: What do you love about shooting in Paris?
Emeric Livinec:
So many things! It’s so full of wonderful places; I feel I will never have time to shoot them all. Every district has tis own atmosphere, from the most touristic and well-known places to the most secret place. It’s such a challenge and a pleasure to try to capture and make viewers feel the beat of this city.

TP: How did you achieve this cinematic feel in the video?
This comes from the feeling I had that this could be a nice for a TV show title sequence, so I went for a cinematic feel, while shooting and in postproduction.
It is emphasized by the fact that I used an anamorphic adapter to shoot the video, which gives an additional cinematic feel to the images.

TP: What’s your favourite spot in Paris?
This is a question impossible to answer! I love every part of Paris as they all have something different and something special. However, I noted that I have a particular affinity for places with a view over the city.