Construction Cool: First Floor

Meet the Men Behind Every Skyscraper and Office Building You’ve Ever Admired

It’s not something many of us often stop to think about whilst sitting behind a desk, plodding away in our busy offices. The work and the workers behind the buildings that shelter us, often go unappreciated and forgotten almost as soon as the constructions are completed.

In his newest series, First Floor, French photographer, Pierre Sattin, aimed to focus the lens on the often-anonymous men, without whom, none of our cityscapes would be possible.

Always on the look out for new ideas to feed his work, Pierre discovered this construction site with men who were happy to share their story, and break out of the tired clichés that society often projects on to builders.

Pierre told us more about these light-hearted, fun-filled snaps:

The Plus: What is the story behind the title of the series?
Pierre Sattin:
I chose First Floor to mirror the idea of being the first step, the first stone of the any construction site. The images were taken in Paris, on the site of a school being constructed. Some of the pictures were taken on the first floor, others on the basement or higher levels.

TP: How much direction did you give the men?
I gave them the main directions and let the process happen, as I like to share my ideas, but also welcome any involvement. All the styling is what they were wearing during the day.

TP: How would you describe the style of this series?
A mix between staged photography, documentary and portrait. The result is, of course, a very personal point of view.